Recreational Gymnastics

If you were enrolled for our classes before September, please note that many of our class times and perhaps days have changed. So please check your portal to see if the scheduled day and time for your class is still desirable. 
Also, many of our classes have been shortened from their original durations due to Covid restrictions. Once the pandemic is managed, we will return to our longer classes which will reflect in our pricing.

Beginner Girls

For ages 6 and up, this 80 minute class will expose students to all four women’s gymnastics events: vault, bars, beam and floor exercise. Along with teaching Level 1 and 2 skills, safety drills, and skill terminology, this level will begin to lay the foundation of core strength, spatial awareness, and coordination that is needed for future success in this sport or any other!

Intermediate Girls

For ages 6 and up, this 80 minute class is the next progression for those who have mastered Level 1 and 2 beginner skills. Continuing on with Level 3 and 4 skills on each of the women’s events, students will be challenged to increase their strength and flexibility. In fact, because it is just 80 minutes, we encourage 2 days a week or additional tumble clinics and open gyms to help reinforce the muscle memory training as well as to increase the opportunities to develop the strength and flexibility needed for further progression.

Advanced Girls

For ages 6 and up, this 120 minute class is selectively offered, by recommendation of a Hunt’s instructor, to students who have been in our program at least 3 months, mastered Levels 1-4, and exhibit a desire to explore higher level gymnastics. As the difficulty level increases, more strength and flexibility are required to perform at this level, so more time is provided in this class for conditioning as well as more skill instruction. While this class is geared toward tracking promising students into our competitive program, even if you aren’t interested in competitive gymnastics, it is beneficial for any young athlete looking for a challenging cross-training activity or who simply wants a fun way to maintain a higher level of physical fitness.

Co-ed Tumbling 

For girls and boys ages 6 and up, this 60 minute, structured class focuses solely on tumbling skills utilizing the spring floor, trampolines, Tumble Traks, and specialized mats.  Beginner to advanced tumblers are welcome and instruction will be tailored to fit individual needs.

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