Membership Information​


A Note to Parents

Due to limited space in our viewing area, we kindly ask that you drop off your child if he/she is 6 years or older if you are comfortable in doing so. If your child is younger than 6 or you would feel more comfortable accompanying your child, we ask that there be only ONE per family in the viewing area and must be at least 18. In addition, we ask that all other visitors or siblings do not accompany the one adult unless they will be actively taking a class at or near the same time. We also ask that as a social courtesy, please stay 6ft distant of others while viewing.

Please also keep in mind that HGA is not equipped to supervise your children more than 10 minutes before or 5 minutes after class. Your punctuality is greatly appreciated. 


Parent Viewing

Viewing is limited because of the small space available.  For those who choose to view, be advised that if our viewing area reaches capacity we will prioritize those with 4 year old or younger children. The remaining viewers may be asked to wait in the lobby or wait in their car. If you do stay to view, please remember these important rules:

  1. No one other than our students and staff (and 1 parent for the monkey and special needs classes) are allowed in the gym area. 

  2. For the safety of your child and others, please don't offer any distractions to the class such as coaching/talking to your child.

  3. Smoking and vaping are not permitted on our premises, even in our parking lot. Please be sure to leave all vape paraphernalia in your vehicle, we would hate for it to fall out of a purse or pocket and end up in the hands of a little person.

  4. In accordance with SafeSport, we must ask that the only photos or videos that you take ONLY have your OWN child in them. It may not include other children or our coaches without expressed consent from HGA management ahead of time.


Class Attire

  • Hair must be pulled out of the face and off the shoulders in a ponytail or bun for girls or guys with shoulder length hair or longer. 

  • No jewelry except small stud earrings in ears only.

  • No shoes or socks

  • Ninjas: shorts and ninja shirt

  • Gymnasts: leotard for girls, shorts and fitted t-shirts for boys.

  • Currently, wearing a mask is a parental discretion. We must reserve the right to change our mask policy as needed in response to CDC or MDHHS guidance.

Health Concerns

If your child is exhibiting any cold-like or flu-like symptoms, please keep them home and call the desk at (586) 954-3300 to schedule a make-up class. We thank you in advance for your help in keeping our facility as safe as possible.

Covid Quarantine

  • If your child has been exposed to a covid-positive person within the past 2 weeks or if they or other household members have tested positive for covid in the past 10 days, please call us immediately at (586) 954-3300 and talk with our Covid director, Ronda Mills. She will need to determine if exposure occurred in your child's class here at HGA, whether contact tracing needs to occur, and will also help to arrange make-up classes.

  • Please note, if your child is quarantined from school, he/she is automatically quarantined from HGA as well. Please call us to let us know.


Make-up Policy 

Make-up classes are offered up to 30 days of absence. We offer 1 make-up class per session as long as a class with space is available.  

Weather and Related Announcements

Severe weather or other natural hazards, although rare, do at times force us to close.  It is our policy that if Clintondale Public Schools close, Hunt's Gymnastics will close for morning classes and early afternoon classes. We will make a decision about afternoon and evening classes by 2:00 pm.  You will find the official word about weather closings here on our website and on our Facebook page. We will also send an email to your primary email address, so you'll want to be sure that your email is up to date.  Announcements can also be found on HGA voice mail at 586-954-3300.  It is your responsibility to check your email, our website and/or call the gym prior to your scheduled class.


Continuous Enrollment System

Under our continuous enrollment program, all classes will automatically re-enroll every month until a "Request to Withdraw" form has been submitted.  This guarantees your child their spot in the class they know and love each month, no need to risk forgetting to re-enroll and losing your class. ALL of our classes have recurring monthly tuition, excluding drop-in tumble clinics, open gym/open play and special events. (open gym/open play and special events are not currently offered due to Covid)



All HGA families are required to keep a valid Visa or Mastercard on file.  Monthly fees and any remaining balances for the upcoming month will be automatically charged to the card on file on the 28th of each month. You may pay cash, check, or use another card before the 25th, so your Autopay card on file will not be charged.  You will automatically receive an email receipt when your Autopay Card on file is used.


Past-Due Accounts

If your Autopay card on file does not process and payment cannot be made, your enrollment will be cancelled if our efforts to contact you via your primary phone and your primary email fail in rectifying the problem.  A second email will notify you that due to non-payment, your child has been dropped from the class.  At that point you MUST RE-ENROLL with payment to attend next month's classes.  You will also be asked to update your Autopay card before an enrollment or payment can be accepted.  PAYMENT SAVES YOUR CLASS SPOT!  You are responsible for all cost incurred for collection of any deliquent payments, including but limited to collection of return check fees.


Request to Withdraw

You must submit a "Request to Withdraw"​ form by the 25th of the month prior to discontinue the continuous enrollment class and payment for the upcoming month.  This gives the gym an adequate amount of time to contact wait-listed students for the class and make adjustments for coaching needs.  We cannot drop a student mid-month and pro-rate the tuition.  Your class ending date will be the last class date of the current month.


No Refunds

There are no refunds.  We can offer a credit if a written request for credit is turned in to the front desk.  Credits will only be considered for athletes who have an injury or illness that keeps them from participating in class and/or virtual make-up classes. For the credit, your athlete will need a doctor's note. A doctor's note will also be a requisite to return to action.


Annual Membership Fee

There is an annual family registration fee of $35 when registering for classes at HGA. ( Occurs in the month you register with HGA)

  • All Recreational, Preschool, & Ninja Classes

  • Open Gym for ages 6 and up

  • Tumble Clinic

  • Team


E-mail Notifications

If you have a balance on your account, you will receive email notifications reminding you that autopay is approaching.  Check email daily for any notifications.


Family Discounts

HGA offers a discount for households with multiple children in gymnastics classes.  Our goal is to provide great service at an affordable cost.  When more than one household family member registers, you receive 10% off each additional child. This is a great savings for our customers!


Referral Program

“Word of Mouth” advertising is our greatest tool for growth at HGA!  To "thank you" you for referring us to friends, we would like to offer $10 off your next month’s tuition for each new customer that has registered and paid.  To receive this reward, simply have the family mention your name as a referral when registering for classes.  Thank you in advance for spreading the word about our programs!


Holiday Schedule for 2022:

The gym is closed for our Recreational programs for the following holidays:

  • New Year's Eve

  • New Year's Day

  • Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Sunday

  • Memorial Saturday, Sunday and Monday 

  • 4th of July (for 1 week: July 3-10; Classes resume July 11)

  • Labor Day Saturday and Sunday

  • Halloween (morning classes will be open if applicable)

  • Thanksgiving Thursday, Friday and Saturday

  • Christmas Eve

  • Christmas Day