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Open Play

Join us for a special edition Easter Egg Hunt open play on Thursday, March 28th.
The Easter Bunny will be here too!
$15/toddler; cash only

Happy Children with Easter Eggs

Wednesdays | Thursdays


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Open Play will "pause" in June until next Sept

$10/child, cash only.

No advanced registration is necessary, but each child must have a waiver on file before participating.

Open Play is for ages "mobile" to 5 years, 11.9 months. 

Attending adult must remain constantly close to their little one
and completely attentive to ensure safe play.
Please avoid cell phone use while your child is playing to avoid distraction.

NO adult may play on or use equipment. 

One child on equipment, including trampoline and in the pit, at a time please.

Open Play attendees are not required to be members.
A signed and up-to-date waiver and contact info must be on file.

Open Play is $10 per child; cash only.
(siblings younger than "mobile" are welcome as long as they do not limit the
accompanying adult from physically staying with the toddler at all times.)
Don't forget your punchcard! 10 punches = a free open play!

No advance registration necessary!

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