Open Play


We are extremely excited to offer covid-safe Open Play for our HGA toddlers beginning this March!

Be advised, numbers must be limited.


Membership and advanced sign-up

is now required.

Please click here to review our covid protocols.

*Open Plays are paused until Fall. Please join us again after schools start back.*

Open Play is for ages "mobile" to 5 years 11.9 months. 

All attendees will be screened upon entry.

All attendees aged 3 or older are asked to wear a mask.
(We understand if the little people aren't very good at it but the effort is required)

Attending adult must remain constantly close to their little one
and completely attentive to ensure safe play and proper social distancing.
Please avoid cell phone use while your child is playing.

NO adult may play on or use equipment. 

One child on equipment, including trampoline and in the pit, at a time please.
This is for physical safety as well as a part of social distancing.

Open Play attendees are required to be members.
Accompanying adults must be listed as a contact on the child's account
OR provide a name and phone number for contact tracing.

Attendees must sign up for an open play date no less than 24 hours in advance. To sign up, please call us at (586) 954-3300 or stop by the desk.
Our office hours are 4-8:30pm M-F and 8:30am-4pm on Saturdays. 

Only 1 adult is permitted per little person in the building. 

Open Play is $10 per child; cash only.
(siblings younger than "mobile" are welcome as long as they do not limit the
accompanying adult from physically staying with the toddler at all times.)
We still have our punch card, so bring yours along if you still have it! 10 punches = a free open play!

If you are not able to make a scheduled open play, please give us a call and let us know.
There may be someone on a waiting list who would appreciate that courtesy.
Thank you!