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School Backpack

Sample Schedule

8:30am-9am:  arrival window

9am-noon:  Morning meeting and Academic block

12-12:30:  lunch

12:30-1pm: gym free time

1-5pm practice

* schedule varies depending on athlete/non-athlete


About e-Learning

At HGA, we have always focused on the "whole person" and using athletics to help raise confident, self-motivated young adults. So when some of our team families developed a need for an alternative educational setting during covid, we created our e-Learning  Center for them. The program was such a success in helping families find a unique balance between school, training and home life, that we continued to offer it after covid.  We've just finished our 3rd year, and now, since we've had interest in the program from our recreational members, we've decided to offer it to a wider base! So our focus has broadened to supporting both team athletes and recreational students in their pursuit of an education that meets their unique needs and we are very excited about it!


This program completely replaces a classic classroom for students in grades k-8. We partner with the Oxford Virtual Academy, but we can accommodate most programs and would be happy to discuss any requests.  Our academic environment is run by certified and experienced teachers in an adaptive Montessori style where the central rule is "be respectful and don't inhibit the learning of another classmate". We encourage habits of success such as time management, organization, and self-accountability. We explore a variety of experiences together through mainly field trips,  but also book clubs, classroom visitors and more--In the '22-23 school year we even hit the road and went on an educational trip to Chicago! We value a growth mindset and strive to take each individual child from where they are currently to closer to their personal goals. Please watch the video above for a more comprehensive idea of the opportunities our kids have experienced! 

The student's individual grade level as well as gym level are taken into account when forming their schedule. Academic workload, practice hours and many other things vary with each unique student. If you have situation-specific questions, please feel free to reach out to discuss!

Full time tuition in this program is $125/week and is billed monthly, like our class/team tuitions, automatically on the 28th of each month. It is only billed for scheduled weeks that the program is running.

If you would like more information regarding this program, please email and include your name and phone number, with a good time to reach you.

Team Member Focus

Program Goal

To support team parents in the pursuit of balancing their young athlete's training hours and school hours while maximizing their free time. In conjunction with the HGA coaching staff, we hope to develop gymnasts who are physically, emotionally and academically successful and able to meet to the challenges of achieving their athletic and academic goals.

Full Day Programming

Athletes are supervised at the gym from approximately 9-5pm. In this time, they will complete their academic coursework as well as their gym training. (schedules may vary based on level of athlete)

Recreational Member Focus

Program Goal

To offer a well-developed, alternative educational experience to parents that would like to maximize their child's free time, giving them the opportunity to explore a variety of interests, including gymnastics classes!

Half Day Programming

Non-team students are supervised from approximately 9-1pm. In this time, they will complete their academic coursework as well as enjoy play time in the gym. 

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