Our NinjaZone classes combine:

  • The coordination from gymnastics

  • The strength and agility from obstacle training

  • The creativity from freestyle movement

The Ninja Zone Level System:

The Ninja Zone is a progressive system that evaluates and advances children based on their skill mastery and knowledge of core values as described in the Ninja Zone Creed. (A few of the values that the Creed promotes, for example, are discipline, encouraging others to succeed, embracing challenges, and never giving up) Safety techniques for falling, landing and transitioning are strongly emphasized to assure the student's safe and successful advancement through the program. The levels are marked by the headband or wristband colors.

Lil Ninja's


Beginners, ages 4-5

ninja games ninja.1.jpg

White Ninja's


Beginners, ages 6-12

rockwall ninja.jpg


Ninja's Class

Intermediate to Advanced, ages 6-12

If you were enrolled for our classes before September, please note that many of our class times and perhaps days have changed. So please check your portal to see if the scheduled day and time for your class is still desirable. 
Also, some of our classes have been shortened from their original durations due to Covid restrictions.