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Our Xcel Program

Xcel Gymnastics is a national program run through USAG that is an alternative to the JO program. It is characterized as a "broad-based, affordable, competitive experience". It is designed to serve those athletes who want the excitement of competition but with less time commitment and expenditure than the JO program, thus less travel and fewer hours in the gym. With a less demanding workout schedule, a gymnast will have time for other activities and won't have to make that "all or nothing" decision.

While the commitment is less rigorous than the JO program, the Xcel Program continues to offer a wide range of challenging advanced level skills as your athlete's ability advances.

Silver and Gold Divisions: 

Beginner Competitive Levels

Xcel Silver.JPG

These are the beginning levels of actual Xcel competition, complete with scores and medals. For a gymnast at the Silver division to move up to Gold, she will need a "mobility" score of 31.00 AA. Each athlete performs their own, personal routine designed by their coaches to display their personalities and skill sets that cater to their unique strengths and talents.

Xcel Gold.JPG

Platinum and Diamond Divisions:

Advanced Competitive Levels

Xcel Platinum.JPG

Each level after the Silver division requires a mobility score to advance to these higher levels of Xcel. The most advanced division is "Diamond" and is comparable to level 7-9 in the JO program. Each level requires more difficulty and while the age minimum is age 8 for Platinum and age 9 for Diamond, these levels are more commonly populated by pre-teens and teens.




The Platinum and Diamond divisions are ideal for older and/or more advanced gymnasts. Since high school gymnastics sometimes use rules similar to Xcel, it can also be an avenue to prepare girls to try out for a high school gymnastics team. In addition, since the high school season is very limited, our Xcel program provides the athletes year round training to stay in shape and improve their skill set with our state-of-the-art facility.

Xcel Diamond.JPG
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