Quick Reference for Team Parents

Team Absences and/or early dismissal/late arrivals

Team absences should only be for illness or conflicts that absolutely cannot be avoided. Remember, make-ups are only allowed (and required) during a "meet week".

Please report all absences by emailing Katelyn (Giesey) Tolbert at katelynhga@gmail.com Be sure to include the following:

  • gymnast's name, training group and date of absence in the subject line

  • reason for absence:

    • illness (provide details)​ * If illness, include Ronda (rondalmills@hotmail.com) in the email.*

    • school work

    • school/family/religious function

    • injury

    • other (provide some detail)


It is vital that you check your email or parent portal daily for communication from the gym. (remember that all emails from HGA will also be available in your parent portal.

Key Staff Emails:

Shannon Hunt/Owner/Optional Director (L7-10): shannonhunt1012@gmail.com

Katelyn Giesey/Compulsory Director/Team Attendance (Mini/Rock/Mega starz and L3-6):  katelynhga@gmail.com

Dana Withers/Xcel Manager: hgaxcelgymnastics@gmail.com

Mackenzie Miller: Team Finance questions: hgatravelexpenses@gmail.com

Ronda Mills/Facility Manager/Covid Supervisor: hgafacilitymanagement@gmail.com

Suzanne Fisher: Travel Coordinator: hgaentriesandtravel@gmail.com

From your email on 6/30/22 regarding USA MEMBERSHIP:

For returning athletes, log onto usagym.org, log into your account, click "member services" at the top, on that page, click "my profile" on the left and renew! Your fee will be $65. Should be pretty simple this time around! If I don't see your athlete's renewal within a few weeks, I will push out a notification as a helpful reminder.

For those of you who competed for a different club last year, log into your USA Gymnastics account at usagym.org. Renew your athlete's membership. Then delete the old club and add "Hunts Gymnastics" (do not us an apostrophe in Hunts in your search). OR you can search our club number:  453016. 

For those of you who have never created a membership account with USA Gymnastics for an athlete before: Go to usagym.org. At the top, click "Member services". Once on the Member Services page, notice the menu to the left and click "Become a Member". Find the "click here for the parent how-to guide" and follow the directions provided. NOTE: for your first time athlete membership, you should only be charged $25. :) Somewhere in this process you must also affiliate your athlete with Hunts Gymnastics (do not use an apostrophe in your search) or use our number: 453016.

For those of you who have never created an account before AND you're unsure if you should create one for this season: do nothing at this time. This email goes out to our entire team, but it won't apply to fun meet kiddos. So if you're unsure about whether your athlete will be competitive or not, do not create an account yet. Coach Katelyn will bring clarity to any question you may have once we are back from our week off. :) Her email is katelynhga@gmail.com.

Parents, please don't request to be on our roster-we only want your athletes! If you inadvertently do request to be on our gym roster, it's no big deal, we'll just decline you. Don't take it personally! :) We don't use the parent info on our rosters just because it clutters up our meet registration list.