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Quick Reference for Team Parents

Team Absences and/or early dismissal/late arrivals

Team absences should only be for illness or conflicts that absolutely cannot be avoided. Remember, make-ups are only allowed (and required) during a "meet week".

Please report all absences by emailing Katelyn (Giesey) Tolbert at 

Be sure to include the following:

  • gymnast's name, training group and date of absence in the subject line

  • reason for absence:

    • illness (provide details)​

    • school work

    • school/family/religious function

    • injury

    • other (provide some detail)


It is vital that you check your email or parent portal daily for communication from the gym. (remember that all emails from HGA will also be available in your parent portal.

Key Staff Emails:

Shannon Hunt/Owner/Optional Director (L7-10):

Katelyn Giesey/Compulsory Director/Team Attendance (Mini/Rock/Mega starz and L3-6):

Dana Withers/Xcel Manager:

Mackenzie Miller: Team Finance questions:

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