Li'l Ninja: Intro to our Ninja Program specifically designed for 4 to 5 year olds. The "Li'l Ninjas" are taught the building blocks of movements and skills such as rolling, vertical and horizontal flip lead-ups, basic vaulting, wall and bar progressions, and basic kicking technique. The class will work towards developing the core strength, agility, and focus required for the White Ninja level.

White Ninja: The beginning level of our Ninja program that will teach all of the fundamentals listed above, but gear it toward 6 to 12 year olds. The class will work towards developing core strength, speed, agility, focus, and the knowledge of Creed Values required for the Yellow Ninja Level.

Yellow/Green Ninja: The intermediate levels of our Ninja program that will build on and advance all of the fundamentals listed above, as well as add to the Creed Knowledge introduced in the White level. Prerequisite: successful completion of White level and instructor's recommendation. 

Please note, if no table of classes is showing, then there are no class openings available at this time. Please log into your parent portal if you'd like to see a list of full classes and to add your child to a waitlist.

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