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Whether you are looking for an activity for a toddler or a teenager, we offer gymnastics and ninja classes that will be exciting and fun for all.  

Our classes offer to: 

  • build all areas of physicality and provide a base for general fitness

  • provide challenges that foster courage and boost confidence 

  • become the springboard for achievement in other sports

  • become the avenue for high level competitive gymnastics.  

And that's just a broad overview--there's way more!  


Please explore our site and call or email us if you have any questions!   Thanks for visiting! 



18 months to preschool


5 years and up

Birthday Parties

Ninja Zone

18 months - 14 years


Level 6.JPG

"Continuous Enrollment" works like a subscription:

Tuition is billed monthly and amounts vary depending on the number of calendar days a class meets each month.


Each class is $23 and on average there are 4 classes in a month for a cost of $92/month.

(Advanced/90 min classes are $33/class and on average $132/month.)


If your class meets 5 times in a month, it will be $115 that month;

if your class meets 3 times in a month, it will be $69 for that month.

If you'd like to enroll for classes in AUGUST and have an account,

 please give us a call and we'd be happy to assist you with that!

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