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With our focus always being on the “whole person” we have noticed a demand for assistance with virtual academics. Our e-learning program is an academic support program being offered to HGA team families. This program is staffed by a trained teacher with the goal of helping students who choose to pursue their education outside of the mass education setting. This would include students in virtual, homeschool as well as hybrid programs. The registered students bring their academic materials to the gym and have a “classroom” time block. During this block teachers help student athletes time manage, grow habits of success and complete assignments. The goal is to help foster focused, self-motivated, lifelong learners.

The e-learning area will have individual desks as well as table spaces for group learning. It is a multi- level environment run in an adaptive Montessori style. Students will each be working toward their individual goals while working together as a team to “not inhibit someone else’s opportunity to learn.”  

Sample Schedule

  • 7:45: students arrive at the gym, check in put away their belongings

  • 8:00: academic block in the e-learning center begins

  • 11:30 lunch and transition to practice 

  • 12:30-4:30: team practice staffed by team coaches 

  • 4:30: pick up

*Schedules may change slightly depending upon the athlete's level.

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