Please notify us by phone or email if your child will be missing
class due to a Covid-related issue. 

Also, please note our updated protocols as of March, 2022.


If your child comes to class and displays covid-like symptoms and no medical clearance or negative covid test is provided, we may send your student home until medical clearance is given or symptoms are no longer evident.


Please drop off and pick up students ages 6+. Viewing space is very limited and priority is given to adults with children 5 or younger.


We still ask for a maximum of ONE viewer per student. Each visitor is required to sign in at the desk and must be 18 years or older .


Masking is choice, UNLESS inside of the 10 days after a positive covid test is obtained or covid symptoms begin, in which case masking is REQUIRED. (students may not return sooner than 6 days post positive and must be nearly symptom-free)


Please try to remain 6ft socially distant in the viewing area, lobby and all other common areas in consideration of others.


Please reach out to us at if you need further clarification on these policies or to inquire about a unique situation.

Thank you!