Protocol at a quick glance:

  • Please keep your child at home if they do not feel well or display symptoms of illness.  

  • Drop off and pick up recreational students ages 6 and older. (see video below)

  • For ages 5 or younger, we request only 1 adult per family in the building and no additional siblings who are not actively participating in class.

  • If our viewing area reaches capacity, first priority will be given to those with 4 year old or younger students. All others may be asked to stand in the lobby or wait in their cars, depending on how many viewers we have. If needed, we will implement a 15 minute viewing rotation.

  • Masks are required upon entry of the building and in all areas of the facility.  Adults wear masks at all times. Students in class are asked to wear masks at all times except while they are performing gymnastics elements that would be dangerous while wearing a mask. In that case, the athlete must be 6ft from anyone and when the skill is completed, return their mask to the correct position.

  • Please arrive 15 minutes before your class or practice, but no earlier.

  • All those who enter the building will be screened by way of temperature checks and screening questions. (see the flow chart below to see how we will respond to symptoms)

  • All who are in the building must remain socially distant. Please use the 6ft markings to guide your distance. 

A note to our recreational program students:

If your child will be absent from class, we would like to ask that you call our office at (586) 954-3300 and let us know if it is due to illness or if it is not. If your child is sick, our Covid Contact is Ronda Mills, and she will follow up with you. Thank you for your help in this matter. 

As a part of our Covid protocol, we are not able to provide a make-up class for your absence. However, you will be provided with a free online class in lieu of a make-up class at the gym.


Team absences: please email your reason for absence to


Non-Holiday Office Hours

Monday - Friday




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